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Spry University is the nation's first university dedicated to comprehensive aesthetic education. Medical aesthetics is not a trade, it's a career.


Spry University really gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue an aesthetics career.

Registered Nurse


Receive industry-specific mentorship and on-the-job training with Spry’s exclusive medical aesthetic internship program.

Cover your education with our unique aesthetic immersion internship program offerings.

Internship Programs

At Spry University, our interns make a true difference by helping others look good and feel great about themselves.
Our internship programs allow for you to receive reduced or even FREE tuition while gaining experience at a local medical spa, dermatology office, or laser salon.

Internships at Spry are a great way to:

  • Gain professional skills and self-confidence
  • Build your resume
  • Establish connections and grow your network of aesthetic industry contacts
Spry University offers the quality education that you might find at a large university, but with the personalized learning experience of a small school. We offer more than 26 certificate programs that can be earned fully online or combined with a traditional classroom experience.







The Spry University immersion internship programs allow select candidates the opportunity to work in a spa setting while receiving complimentary education. Internships are ideal for individuals who are already licensed in the aesthetic space but lack industry experience to enter into the workforce. Internships are unpaid. Instead of compensation, you’re offered the ability to receive one or several certifications valued up to $12,000.  You’ll service clients just as you would working in a spa setting while learning fundamental and advanced laser & aesthetic treatments along the way. Following the internship, you’ll receive certifications for the available courses that correspond with your selected term.



Our online application can be completed from any device and takes just 10 minutes. On the application, simply indicate that you are applying for the Internship Program. You'll schedule your interview during the application process. Application fee for Internship and Apprenticeship submissions is FREE.


Determine Your Commitment Term

Internships are available in 1-, 3-, and 6-month full-time terms, and a tuition credit is issued based on your commitment term. The longer your term, the higher the tuition credit.


Application Review

We will review your application to confirm you meet our admission requirements, and we'll will notify you of any application deficiencies before proceeding with next steps.



A member of the Academic Team will conduct a virtual interview during the day and time you scheduled while applying for admission. The interview will help us determine if you're the best fit for the program. Following the virtual interview, if selected as a finalist, you'll be invited to an in-person interview with one of our senior staff members.



You'll be assigned to a local medical spa or dermatology office, and our Academic Team will ensure that you're onboarded and prepared to start learning while you work.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

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